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Resolution or a Revolution?

December 31, 2018



It's the new year so I MUST become better, thinner, faster, more.... STOP! I can't bear it!
That's far too much pressure and stress for starters. And where will that get you?
Probably back to where you started. Here's my take on starting off the year...

Don't change anything.
That's right. Nothing. Nada. Stay just as you are.
Because, let's face it, you really are a decent, healthy sort and a good friend, I'm sure. I don't make resolutions. I don't ever aim to revolutionise myself or my family. I am someone that likes to make small alterations that gradually create positive habits that suit me. I don't start these on January the first. I start them quietly on a random Tuesday, after a good mug of tea and yes, a biscuit.

There we have the first minor alteration too; A biscuit. I am a person who will bake a batch of biscuits and swallow the lot, so winding it back to just 1 is, well, bloody superb in my book! Job started see. Quietly done and not extreme in the slightest.

I gently apply this to other life elements too. For example, trying 1 new recipe every week or 2, getting a few more park runs in (getting in touch with your friend and going together takes the edge of that challenge nicely)..... I do have to have a little chat with myself to ensure the nudge to the new happens, but it is always worth it afterwards.

With my fitness habits, I move, sloth-like, towards the general area of the goal too. This past month has been about getting some yoga practice into my days.
I couldn't find a class that fitted with my work schedule, so I invested time in some app research and came up trumps! And joy, here I find the way the practice is guided is also gentle; with times and levels ranging from 5 minutes basic flow to 1.5 hours of hard-core one legged wonder stuff. It goes with my flow but still that flow moves me forward. (Contented sigh.)

Change is good. New is good. But only if it moves you forward without whipping your ass or stealing allthe biscuits from your cupboard!

So go steady and be the tortoise in your life when it comes to creating your change. Take a breath, before you leap into this endless search for the instagrammable holy grail of perfection, because the harder you push the faster you fall.

My advice for 2019?
Take a flask and have a sit now and then on a bench as you go. You never know who you may become or who else you may meet there. Be happy and get up when you are ready to carry on. 

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