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‘Kids! Go and play outside!’ Shouldn’t we do it too?

April 11, 2018


We are into the last week of the Easter holidays and the weather hasn’t been the best, but this hasn’t stopped my two children from heading out into the garden. They have jumped, climbed and become filthy in the sandpit. All with an easy smile and no agenda.

So why can we as adults, find getting outside and getting active such a hard thing to do?


We are advised to take 30 minutes each day to raise our heart rate, get a bit sweaty and work the lungs. Many of us find little joy in these sensations and see our health and wellbeing as another task, another chore to be crossed off our evergrowing list. 


But the children charge out in wellies and pajamas after breakfast with no difficulty. They’ll walk at least 3 miles when it comes to doing the daily shopping and skip, climb play hide and seek most of the way home. 

Could we do this? Could we find the simplicity in activity again, rather than looking for better kit, a stronger GPS signal or needing some technical professional programme? Could it just be fun? 


Activity in life can be simple. Maybe  the next time the kids say ‘Come and bounce Dad!’ we should do just that? Can we share our inner child with our children and laugh our way to health? 



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