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Sessions & Runs

We currently meet on Stour Green for ALL GROUP sessions

From January 2017
my programme will look like this:



9.30-10.30am improvers 8pm-9pm beginners


Tues to Friday: 

9.30am-2.30pm 1:1 sessions available by appointment


11am-2.30pm 1-1 sessions by appointment.

Monthly Group Run

Once a month the group will participate in a local Parkrun (A 5k volunteer organised races held on Saturdays all over Britain. Our closest is Littleport) and there will be an option to take part in a race or hold our own 5/10k to see how we are all improving. There may even be medals! Click here to view the Parkrun Website.

DID YOU KNOW? You can also volunteer as a marshall at Parkrun. Click here to email and get involved.


Initial run session (tech check) £65. 

1-1 sessions are £10 per half hour and can be from 30 minutes to 2 hours in duration. I also offer 1:2 session to allow you and a friend to share the time. These are charged at £20 per person per hour. 


Group sessions are £5, with a pre-pay option of £25 for six. These must be used within a 2 month period.

BACS Details: 20-48-08 00976342 please include your surname and number of sessions as a reference eg. Selhi 6. Cash payment on the day is welcome for group runs.


All one-to-one or small group sessions must be pre-paid.


You won't need much to get started with A: Run but these are a few things that I think are the most important:


1. Ladies: some good support! 

I'll do the cheering but you MUST do the bra! A good sports bra is essential as your chest will move a lot during running. A lack of support can be very painful. 


2. Shoes:  If you are just starting out then a pair of not too tired trainers will be fine. As you progress your feet will change in strength and in the way they hit the ground so then is the time to go and be fitted for running shoes. This is where your 'gait' is tested to see how you run and find a shoe to suit.


3.Clothing that you are comfortable in to do sports. Be that trackers and a t-shirt, shorts and a vest, hoody and leggings....as long as you feel comfortable and are dressed for the weather, that's all that matters.

I suggest layers on cooler days eg. Hoody/ light fleece, vest/ t shirt/, maybe trackers over your shorts etc. You can peel off as we warm up and layer up as we cool down. Click here to view our clothing range. A lightweight water proof is always good.


4. Bring a bottle of water.


Do contact me with any further questions



Insurance/Disclaimer Form:


Before we put foot:

Everyone is required to fill in the personal details/disclaimer form and return it to me at their first session. This covers us both on my insurance and ensures that I have correct contact and ICE details for you. Should you have any injuries or medical conditions, these MUST be detailed on the form. I ask that you consult your GP regards starting to run.


Click below to download the 'Personal Details and Disclaimer Form'.

Online Training


Click here to find out about the Online Training.