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A:RUN offers a selection of ways to train:
Technical Check up 1.5 hours 1:1 £65

An initial assessment session with me, where any problematic areas of your run can be identified and a plan put in place for improvements to be made. This is good opportunity to discuss trouble spots, your current training programme and any goals you have set for yourself.

Online Training

If you are looking for on line coaching/ strength work support (via email & whatsapp videos) then here is what you need to know:   

£25 per month.  Click here to find out about our Online Training​.

1:1 Run Session £20 p/h.

A chance to run with me alongside you & look at the 'how' of the run. This is great for those returning from injury, just starting out & looking to build confidence & for those looking to move out of their comfort zone with the support of another runner.


Group Run Sessions

2 weekly group runs (see the 'Runs & Info' page for details) we are a mixed ability group sets foot on trail & tarmac to enjoy some distance & training together.

Sunday? Runday!

These are 2 hour session for runners making the move from 10k to 13.1 & beyond! Dates are announced on our Facebook page. Meet on Stour Green. £8 per runner.These sessions are to help runners to work through mental blocks, find why aches may be forcing a run to stop before you are ready & make adding those miles a social not a stressful thing.

Not Just For Runners!

1:1 30 minute Strength & conditioning session £12. 30 minutes of personal tailored strength & conditioning exercise to improve your core strength & general strength & flexibility.


Sports Massage based at The Paradise Centre, Ely

This therapy is geared towards the Athlete. It aims to bring relief and recovery to the post training body, assist in injury prevention and  prepare them for training and competition. As well as Runners, I work with a variety of sports persons including Rowers, Swimmers, Cyclists and Triathletes.

All products used are from Neals Yard and are certified organic. To purchase these or other selected Neals Yard products, please shop via this link https://uk.nyrorganic.com/shop/arranselhi/area/shop-online/


Massage prices:

  • 30 mins £25

  • 45 mins £35

  • 60 mins £50

Gift vouchers

Available from £5 or to give a specific session to a friend or friend that needs a gentle shove with their fitness!