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31 Dec 2018


It's the new year so I MUST become better, thinner, faster, more.... STOP! I can't bear it!
That's far too much pressure and stress for starters. And where will that get you?
Probably back to where you started. Here's my take on starting off the year...

Don't change anything.
That's right. Nothing. Nada. Stay just as you are.
Because, let's face it, you really are a decent, healthy sort and a good friend, I'm sure. I don't...

10 Aug 2018


This is something that Actors speak of and do actively. 

But it is something that the majority of us find very difficult to ‘find time for’.

As Runners, we lean towards total disregard for it. 'If we are not running, we are not runners!' 



Well, this is a thing that Runners do get involved with. We like to do this actively but it can be the thing that takes away rest and true recovery. Could we be...

24 Apr 2018

Sunday?Runday! events are back on the calendar at Get Your A:Run so grab your space today! 

There are two 2 hour Sunday runs planned:
Sunday 27/5/2018 and 22/7/2018.
These start on Stour Green in Ely, with a warm up at 7.45am. 

The idea of these coach-led runs is for those runners that are making the move from 10km to half marathon and beyond, can build the mileage up within a supportive atmosphere. 

The group is always a mixture...

11 Apr 2018

We are into the last week of the Easter holidays and the weather hasn’t been the best, but this hasn’t stopped my two children from heading out into the garden. They have jumped, climbed and become filthy in the sandpit. All with an easy smile and no agenda.

So why can we as adults, find getting outside and getting active such a hard thing to do?

We are advised to take 30 minutes each day to raise our heart rate, get a bit sweat...

6 Apr 2018

Lisa Ruggles, known on the web as ‘Ruggles at Leisure’, is a friend I found through the community Run Mummy Run. Lisa, after many marathons, training miles and cross training has now joined #261fearless, qualified as a #runleader with them and is starting a running group in Oxfordshire. Here is what got Lisa moving and why running has a special place in her life. 

 “I began running in 2015 when a brave 5 year old boy died from...

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